February 21, 2012

Book Review: THESE ARMS OF MINE by Judy Lynn Hubbard

Author: Judy Lynn Hubbard
Publisher: Harlequin Kimani
Category:  Adult Fiction

A Marriage of Convenience?

Derrick Chandler needs a wife.  Or at least that’s what his best friend and campaign manager tells him is imperative if he plans to run for the US Senate. He doesn’t believe it, but readily changes his mind when beautiful Alesha Robinson enters his office. 

Alesha is no stranger to Derrick.  In fact she is the very reason for his heartbreak two years prior.  She dreads facing him again but has to because her brother Robert embezzled a lot of money from his campaign fund and Derrick intends to sue.  She needs to talk him out of his plan.  So Derrick sees the perfect compromise:  She marries him, He doesn’t sue.

Derrick makes his intentions clear.  Their marriage will be real in every sense of the word.  Alesha bites the bullet, not just to save her brother but also because deep inside she has never let him go.
They get married and play their parts perfectly in public.  Privately, though both in denial, they quickly gravitate towards each other physically and emotionally.  But just when everything is going well, Diana shows up.  Derrick’s ex-wife wants him back badly, not for love but for the political advantage she could have with him.  So Alesha fights for her marriage.  But will what started as a marriage of convenience lead to true and lasting love?

This is a short book and an easy read.  But though the characters are likable I did not feel attached to any of them.  The descriptions were repetitive and some lines were melodramatic.  The ending was a sweet feel-good wrap-up.  If all you want is a book with a happy ending, maybe this is for you.  otherwise, skip this one.

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