January 24, 2012

Book Review: UNDENIABLY YOURS by Shannon Stacey

Author:  Shannon Stacey
Publisher: Harlequin
Category:  Adult Fiction

The Kowalskis are back!  

This time it’s about Kevin, the former Boston cop turned bar owner who’s not exactly looking for love. Being single is his choice.  He was burned badly when his former wife had an affair with his police captain, which also forced him to quit his beloved career.  

As a bar owner, women throw themselves at him, so he is never in want of physical relationships.  One night he saves Beth Hansen from her ass of a boss, and in the process makes her lose her job, which explains why they meet again a few weeks later as she tends the bar at his brother Joe’s wedding (Joe Kowalski from the previous book Exclusively Yours).  They have protected sex, which unfortunately wasn’t safe enough since a month later, Beth shows up at Kevin’s bar declaring that she’s pregnant with his baby.    Kevin takes to the pregnancy announcement very well and starts planning for the baby.  But the closer he gets, the farther Beth moves away. 

Beth is a drifter.  A woman who’s afraid of being tied down, being suffocated, having grown up the only child of a very protective couple.  She runs the other way when people get too close.  But how can she move away from Kevin when he wants to be an active father to their unborn baby? And in the process, be an active partner/neighbor/boss/friend, and more, to her?  And when he falls in love, how can she be sure that he loves HER, the woman that she is, and not as just the mother of their child? 

This book is just as charming and funny as its predecessor.  A fast read that I finished in just one sitting.  A big plus is the entire sarcastic, hilarious Kowalski family that’s always great for laughs especially little Bobby. Kevin and Beth’s chemistry is not as explosive as that of Joe’s and Keri’s but it comes pretty close. 

I also loved the character Paulie, Kevin’s bestfriend/bartender/sports expert.  I won’t say much about her except that her and Sam’s story could have been a plot for another book entirely, so interesting that hopefully the author would expound on it in future books.

If you’re looking to relax for a few hours and be entertained, I highly suggest this book.  It’s another LOL story from Ms. Stacey.

January 17, 2012

BOOK REVIEW: Stuck With You by Trish Jensen

Author: Trish Jensen
Publisher: Bell Bridge Books
Caterory: Adult Fiction

The Shrew and The Shark.

Lawyer Paige Hart hates no one more than Ross Bennett, the divorce lawyer against whom she is battling in court. Unfortunately a bombing sends them both to the hospital where they are forced to share a room as they are believed to have caught the new virus called Tibetan Concupiscence Virus, more commonly known as the Horny Monk disease.  In quarantine both find their attraction for each other growing.  The question is, is it the virus or is it true love?

Paige is the ideal lawyer who fights tooth and nail for her client, especially if her client is a relative…. which it always is.  A tiger in court, she is otherwise na├»ve out of it.  Having been burned in college by a former boyfriend (who turned out to be a Married boyfriend), she has never been with anyone seriously since, believing that men in general can not be trusted, especially Divorce lawyers like Ross.  

But forced together in quarantine, she couldn’t be more surprised to find that Ross is the complete opposite of the pompous jerk she always thought him to be.  Instead she finds him irresistible in his gentleness, thoughtfulness, kindness and philanthropy.  she blames the horny monk disease for her slow change of heart and eventually gives in to her very strong physical attraction to Ross.  

These two characters sizzle in their hate, lust and love for each other.   Added bonus is the sarcasm full of humor and bite.  From the very first page you know they would end up in bed, many times over at that.  
Apart from these two there’s also the supporting characters that gave the book its extra ooommph, specifically Paige’s brother Nick and their (Ross’ and Paige’s) doctor Rachel.  Theirs is about  unrequited love, missed opportunity, delayed closure and hopeful continuation. A thrilling extra story within the main story. 
Overall a fun book I would recommend to adult readers.

January 06, 2012

Foodie Fun at Il Mercanti

"Food... food...glorious foooooooood"

This line from a cartoon movie was the exact thought swirling in my head when i visited Il Mercanti recently.

Il Mercanti is a food bazaar located in Metrowalk Pasig.  it is right by the parking lot at the back so thankfully parking is not a problem for patrons.  Plus since it's tented, ventilation is very good.  what i loved most about my visit though is of course, the food.

Foodies on an adventure will be happy here.  Choices are abundant.  So much so that it took me 10 minutes to start ordering.  Walking around, watching people in action, smelling the food... i had to do it all before sitting down and chomping on all my orders. 
 I was most excited about two things: the deep dish pizza and the Isaw.  I have loved Isaw since i was a kid so if only for a few minutes, i was taken back to my youth.  as for the pizza, i have been wanting to try it since i saw it on the Amazing Race (Chicago leg).  Eating is the easy part, but choosing? there were so many toppings, it would take days to try them all.

I was also surprised to see Ulang (Filipino crayfish) on the "menu".  plus my husband's favorite, roast beef (yummy) and the famous Lechon Cebu which i have been told, is always the first to run out.

For those who love to go into sugar shock have no fear, sweets are also in abundance here.  cheesecakes, cupcakes, ice cream and what have you..... so yes i had a field day!

I'm not one to diet but for those who want to eat light, there's always the classic sushi and simple sweet corn.


Open Thursdays to Saturdays 7pm to 4am.  Il Mercanti is a great place to dine with friends and family.   so the next time you can't sleep, have had a late night out or just simply hungry, pass by Il Mercanti.  I hope you enjoy it there as much as i did.