February 06, 2012

Book Review: ANYTHING by Michael Baron

Author:  Michael Baron
Publisher: Story Plant
Category:  Contemporary Romance

Would you do anything for the one you love even if it means losing her?

Ken and Melissa are getting married in a few days.  Happily in love, they can’t wait to make it official.  Especially Ken, whose life changed for the better when Melissa entered his life.  He loves Melissa so much that when the opportunity came for him to actually see her in different stages of her earlier life, he takes it with eyes wide open. Not knowing that he will find out a dark secret Melissa has kept from him, And has tried to forget herself.

 The secret devastates him, knowing very well that though in his eyes Melissa is still perfect, she carries within herself a burden that she shouldn’t have had to, a secret that has destroyed her dream of becoming a concert pianist.  

Ken decides to take his one chance to change Melissa’s past.  But of course we know that every action has a consequence, good or bad.  So in part Ken is successful.  He made Melissa whole again.  Problem is she doesn’t even know it.  In fact, she doesn’t know him.  What he knew of her, of their life together, was gone.  And though it seems impossible, he sets off to make Melissa love him again.

I love this story.  it reminds me of Nicholas Sparks' books.  Very romantic, yet simply written and easily understood.  A book full of heart and a really good ending.  A great read, especially for those who love contemporary romance with a touch of time travel.  I highly recommend Anything.

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