February 16, 2012

Book Review: THE DAUGHTERS JOIN THE PARTY by Joanna Philbin

Author: Joanna Philbin
Publisher: Poppy
Category:  Young Adult Fiction
The Daughters series is now available at NATIONAL BOOKSTORE branches nationwide.

They didn’t ask for fame.  They were born with it.

Emma Conway is a troublemaker.  After being caught trying to sneak into a boy’s dorm room, she is kicked out of her posh boarding school and forced to enroll in Chadwick , the private school her oh so perfect type-A brother Remington attends.

She quickly gets absorbed into the exclusive circle of Lizzie, Carina and Hudson.  The three are daughters of famous and powerful individuals: Lizzie’s mom is a supermodel, Carina’s dad is a Multi millionaire media mogul and Hudson’s mom is a world famous pop star.   Which is just perfect since Emma is the daughter of Senator Adam Conway who has just decided to run for President of the United States.  People are not supposed to know about this plan for months but Emma accidentally blurts it out at a party for her father. 

She suddenly finds herself an asset to the early campaign of CONWAY FOR AMERICA with her gift of gab and individuality.  Before long though she finds herself being changed to be the perfect presidential daughter whereas her brother, the perfect political son, is going the opposite way.

This is the fourth book in THE DAUGHTERS series by Joanna Philbin, herself a daughter of a famous father, TV host Regis Philbin.  Her personal knowledge of the lives of the rich and famous is obvious in the series which started with Lizzie’s story in The Daughters, followed by Carina’s in The Daughters Break the Rules and Hudson’s in The Daughters Take The Stage

What I like most about the whole series is its lightness.  There’s no heavy drama yet they tackle things teenagers deal with:  individuality, family problems, school drama, body image and relationships. Since this is teen fiction, of course there is romance involved, but I appreciate that it’s not overwhelming nor too dramatic.  It’s clean and sweet, as it should be. The lessons in these books should resonate with young readers who are trying to find their way in life. 

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  1. oh wow, thanks for this Lyn! i am on the prowl right now for something new to read. the series is interesting enough and perfect for me as i like light stories with happy endings. =)