July 14, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: Hereafter by Tara Hudson

Author: Tara Hudson
Publisher: HarperCollins
Category: Young Adult Paranormal Fiction

Amelia is a ghost who remembers nothing of her life, including her death.  but that changes when she meets Joshua, who himself met death in the lake where she died.  but miraculously she saves him.  and in that short time that he was on the other side, he saw her.  and from then on, was able to communicate with her.  with joshua by her side, amelia eventually starts remembering her past and falls in love.  but how does one love a ghost?

That is the struggle that these two face, as well as Joshua's grandmother who wants to remove Amelia from their life. Amelia starts out weak, but as is what happens to heroines, finds her strength in the one she loves.

Joshua is a smart, sweet man who fights for what he believes in and who he loves, no matter what.  the fact that he is in love with a ghost of a girl who died a decade prior does not faze him.  he still finds ways to be with her and helps her remember who she loved the most, her mother.

Hereafter is a good book.  and like other YA books as of late, it is set up for a sequel. the end is not quite it. there are hanging questions like Eli's masters, her fate as a ghost, will she become human in the end or will joshua die as well, Joshua's extra ability as well as his sister's...so many questions to be answered in the next book, if not the one after it.
This is recommended for teen paranormal fans.  though it's not quite as romantic as Twilight nor the Iron Fey series, it is still a fun read for those who appreciate the genre.

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