March 22, 2012

Book Review: PUTTING BOYS ON THE LEDGE by Stephanie Rowe

Author:  Stephanie Rowe
Category:  Young Adult Romance
Publisher:  TKA Distribution

“So do you want me to?”-Colin
“To what?”-Blue
“Blue.”- Colin
“Do you want me to kiss you?”-Colin
14 year old Blueberry Waller gets cast for the first time in their school musical.  unfortunately it’s as mother to Heath, a gorgeous high school senior she dreams of going out with.
So her three best friends Allie, Frances and Natalie give her a makeover and she succeeds in catching Heath’s eye.  They get together at a class party, and as Heath tries to kiss Blue, she runs away.  Humiliated, she wants to learn how to kiss before seeing Heath again so she doesn’t make a fool of herself.  
Her friends dared her to practice on Colin, the boy Blue’s parents hired to clean out their backyard muck.  He willingly participates in the dare because he secretly likes Blue.  The practice kiss was good…so good in fact that now Blue is confused.  She still wants to go out with Heath though so Colin starts giving her the cold shoulder and going out with another girl.  Her one date with Heath turns out to be a dud.  She finally realizes Colin is the one she wants but does he still want to be with her?

This is a very simple teen story with a typical plot. A no brainer book that I went through within 2 ½ hours.  But it was a fun read, a good antidote to my heart which bled from reading THE REPLACEMENT WIFE.
I recommend this to pre-teens and teens.  Moms do not have to worry. This book was written with an innocence that kids can relate to. If you (or your daughter/s) like this, the other characters also have their own stories:  STUDYING BOYS for Frances, SMART BOYS & FAST GIRLS for Natalie and WHO NEEDS BOYS? For Allie (my personal favorite among the four).
Happy reading!

“…The Ledge isn’t for girls.  It’s for boys….it’s an emotional place.  You always have to keep him teetering close to The Ledge so he never treats you badly.  As long as you’re holding the Ledge over his head, you’re in control.”- Blue
“Definitely.  That was it. I wasn’t hopeless. I would never be myself in front of a guy I wanted to impress.  Just with guys I didn’t.  Phew! I still had a chance.”- Blue

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