May 26, 2016

Book Review: The Palace Library by Steve Loveridge

Book:  The Palace Library

Author:  Steven Loveridge
Publisher:  CreateSpace
Genre:  Children’s Fiction, Teens, YA

For this book, I asked my 11 year old daughter Gaby to read and write the review as it is perfect not only because of her age but the genre is a favorite of hers as well.
She has contributed to my blog but only when she finds time in between her many other books (she has a LONG list), school work, basketball and soccer training plus guitar lessons.  Here is my Little bookworm's review.

Blurb via Goodreads:

Three children stumble upon an extraordinary library in an old house. Armed with magical books, and accompanied by an enchanting deerhound, they leave through a door that takes them to a world in the past. Beyond the door, a kingdom is in crisis. 

The children must unlock the secrets in their books as they face storms, fight traitors and tackle dragons.

The Great Sword of State has been stolen and destroyed. The Queen reveals an ancient prophecy that says only these children can replace the Sword and she sends them on a journey that takes them beyond the world’s end.

Without knowing who they can trust, can they succeed? 

Gaby’s Review:

The story is about a girl named Grace.  She finds a mysterious door that leads to the Palace Library.  Eventually, she finds out that all the books there are magic. When she goes inside, she meets a librarian named Edgar.

When she returns, her Great Uncle Jasper sends her and her cousins, Eleanor and Harry, with her to the library.  There, Edgar gives them each a magic book. Grace gets a book with star charts that magically pop out of the pages; Eleanor gets a book about healing and plants/herbs that you can scratch-and-sniff; and Harry gets a book that can answer any question of his, but is very cryptic.

They go to Clarendon Palace, January 1164 through a portal called the Great West Door.  They are accompanied by a dog named Sophie.  When they get there, they meet a man named Master John. He brings them to the queen.

When they meet Queen Eleanor, they also meet a very suspicious knight named Sir Guy of Caen and, the queen's personal handmaiden, Eloise.  The queen tells them that what they are supposed to do is reforge the Sword of State, which was thrown overboard during a storm by a traitor, and find out the identity of the traitor who threw the Sword overboard.

They leave immediately to find the blacksmith who will reforge the Sword.  They are accompanied by Eloise.  During the ride to the port, where the blacksmith's house and the ships are, Harry asks about a prophecy from his book.  The prophecy is about the cousins.  The blacksmith's name is Edwin and he's a dwarf. 

They ride on the king's ship and go to an island called Hell's Bay.  There they are supposed to reforge the Sword.  Will they finish their quest before the door to their home closes?
 I like this book because it is about a library, and I am a bookworm so books are my favorite pastime.  And I also like this book because it has plenty of twists.

 I like how Eloise is so mysterious and I think that makes readers want to read more and find out more about her.  And I like how Grace is so enthusiastic and happy most of the time.  But, my favorite character is honestly Eleanor because she can be calm when she wants to and she has a pretty good memory. 

When Mr. Loveridge wrote this, I think he gave a lot of thought about the characters because they are described really well.  I am happy I read the Palace Library and am looking forward to reading the next book of the series, Guardians of the Scroll.

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