February 08, 2015


Book:  You and Everything After (Falling #2)
Author:  Ginger Scott
Publisher:  Ginger Scott
Genre:  YA Romance, Fiction

The Blurb:

I’m that teenaged girl who has MS. You haven’t met me, but you’ve seen me around. You probably know my sister. We’re twins, and she’s the pretty one. Maybe you’ve heard about my reputation, how much I like to hook up at parties—how easy it is to get me in bed, get what you want, and forget about me after. 

Forget what you think you know. I’m leaving that girl behind.

College is all about new beginnings. So from now on—I’m just Cass. And the rest…it isn’t written yet. And no one else gets to write my story for me.

“Tyson Preeter doesn’t do can’t.”

That’s exactly what I want people to think when they see me. I am strong, invincible, confident, intelligent—arrogant. I’m the man who always finds a way around, over and through—until there’s nothing left. Since losing my ability to walk six years ago, I’ve relearned life. I don’t need sympathy. I don’t want charity. And I don’t do love.

It’s better this way, saves my disappointments for me, and me alone, and it saves my strength for everything I want.

But Cass Owens is about to wreck everything. She’s about to steal all of my strength away from me, because she needs it more. She’s about to break all of my rules, and break down all of my walls. She’s about to own me…completely.

And I’m about to let her.

My Review:

When I requested for the ARC of this book, I didn’t know it was the second in a series.  The first book THIS Is FALLING dealt with the brother and the roommate of the two main characters in You and Everything After.  Ty and Cass were secondary characters in the first one, but here, they are the stars.  The timeline of both books are parallel so it is interesting how the author navigated between the two and still make each a stand alone read.

Cass found out she has Multiple Sclerosis in High School.  It made such an impact on her life that she felt the need to find normalcy and attention from one guy…then another guy….then another.   She let herself get used so much that in the end, she had a reputation as the Easy Girl in school.  Now as a freshman in college, she promised herself a fresh start.  She wouldn’t look back or give attention to anything other than school work.  Then came Ty.

Ty’s accident left him a quadriplegic.  Without the use of his legs, he lost not only a great future in sports but also his girlfriend who just happens to be his childhood bestfriend.  He let her go thinking it would be the best for her.  Problem is, it wasn’t the best for him….not for a long time…..until he met Cass.

 It’s instant attraction for both.  And though Ty never does “relationships”, he changes course with this one.  Slowly but surely all the walls they put up to protect themselves crumble.  They fall hard and fast.  Promises they made to themselves lost because of a growing need for each other. 

But fear has a way of replacing a person’s happiness with dread.  They implode and break both their hearts.  How will they find forgiveness for each other when they have yet to forgive themselves?  Can Ty be whole enough to let go of his misplaced fears and get back the one whose life he has changed the most?

I have to be honest.  When I was reading this book, I didn’t feel “the pull”.  That’s the feeling I look for when I read great books; the one that makes me hold on to the book and not put it down for hours until I finish.  Nope.  There was none for me.  The premise itself was good.  Two wounded people, each with his/her own problems, getting together, falling in love and moving forward together.  Simple……not so straight forward….. but simple just the same. 

I have read a lot of books like this and though the story was written well, it reminded me of many books that I have read previously.  In other words, it didn’t stand out as something unique or something I would read again.  That said, for people who like romance with lots of witty banter and charm, this would be a nice read.  But for those who are looking for much more than the usual angst filled love story, the first book of this series might be a better read for you. 

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