November 02, 2014

Book Review: CHARLIE SPARKS by C.N. Tan

My daughter Gaby

This is a special review written by my 9 year old daughter Gaby.  Her first ever! She said she wanted to write her own review after I pointed out that this novel was written by the author when he himself was a child.  I think she felt challenged and is now trying to write one herself. Whether or not she succeeds in writing one, I'm happy that this novel inspired her to try.  Here is Gaby's review:

Book:  Charlie Sparks
Author:  C.N. Tan
Publisher:  Make Believe Publications
Genre:  Fantasy Adventure

Charlie Sparks is a boy who is half angel, half human . That kind of person is called a seraph.
His mom is
human and his dad is a seraph too.

He has a best friend named Vaughn (who is not a seraph) and another friend in school who is a
janitor named Bob.  He has a special connection to Charlie but I don't want to tell you what it is.
He likes a girl named Cathy who lives in the magic realm of Silver Spring because her dad is a seraph too.

He goes to an island that he calls Shaloub Island.
On his first night on that island, he wakes up and meets a
fairy named Eliza and she leads him to a flying bus / blimp that will take him to a place / sorcedom called Silver Spring.
Where he meets (Cathy's dad) George.
Very soon after, Vaughn joins them.

Then, Charlie and Vaughn meet the current Master Sorcerer.
The Master Sorcerer tells them to go and see a guy named Waldo, a cyclops, who teaches him that the source of power for every sorcerer is called an amulet.

He also learns from Waldo about the
Phoenix of Alpha (one of the first beings in the universe who is also a protector of life) and its magical tear that fell on him, which is the reason why he is in the prophecy to be a future king.

They go back to the Master Sorcerer's palace and perform the Ceremony to awaken Charlie's powers
At George's house, Charlie is reunited with Cathy.
In the end he fights the Dragon of Omega, the arch nemesis of the Phoenix of Alpha.

I felt very happy because this is a very exciting book made by a Filipino. To tell the truth, this is the first English novel I read written by a Filipino, so I feel happy about it.
Author C.N. Tan

And another reason why I felt happy is because when
he plays the Dreaming Piano (or the Piano of Dreams) so many memories flashed back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.
At the Awakening Ceremony of Charlie Sparks, he was in so much pain so I felt scared and sad for him.

I also felt a bit disgusted because Charlie has a crush in school and in the first part he had a plan to get her to MARRY him the next day. For me
that part is disgusting because I am only 9 years old.
This book is funny too.
Gaby enjoying the read

Charlie Sparks is a very nice book written when the author was only eleven years old, so I am very impressed.
The book is well written because it explains what the characters are thinking very well.
It is an adventure book filled with monsters, demons, thieves, giants, and most of all, M A G I C!

I LOVE Adventure books so, it's my kind of book!
Basically I really, really, REALLY loved and enjoyed the book!
This book is now one of my favorite books EVER!


  1. Good review, Gaby! I'll go find a copy and read it myself. :) Thank you! - Tita Mima

  2. Thank you so much for this adorable review of my book, Gaby! You were right about how disgusting it was of Charlie to think of marrying Cathy. People like you inspire me to write more. What a privilege to be reviewed by a talented young lass. Thanks

  3. Good job on your first book review, Gaby!! Hope to read more soon! =)

  4. Quick question, :D
    Did you buy the book on your own, or did you request the book personally for review? Thank You in advance!

  5. we found this book while browsing at the bookstore. and yes, we bought this. thanks and happy reading!

  6. It is with a heavy heart that we have to inform you of the passing of author Cy Tan yesterday, February 1, 2016.

    1. i am in shock.... thank you for informing me.... my condolences to the Tan family