April 18, 2014

Book Review: TAKEN WITH YOU by Shannon Stacey

Book:  Taken With You
Author:  Shannon Stacey
Publisher:  Carina Press
Genre:  Contemporary Adult Romance; Fiction

“I was right from the beginning.  You're definitely not the man for me.”- Hailey
“No I’m not.  You’ve been waiting for some fairy tale prince in a fancy suit to come waltzing into Whitford and take you dancing in glass slippers.  I'm no prince.”- Matt
“You're not Prince Charming that’s for damn sure.  Prince Asshole, maybe.”- Hailey

Synopsis Via NetGalley:

Hailey Genest has seen most of her friends marry and have babies, and she's happy for them, but it was a lot easier before she hit forty. She's spent her entire life in Whitford, Maine, and if she hasn't found her Prince Charming by now, she has to accept she's probably not going to. When a new friend suggests they go on an adventure and embrace being single, Hailey agrees.

Surviving in the woods is game warden Matt Barnett's idea of a relaxing vacation. But when he meets two women in need of help, he leads them back to safety—a task that proves more fun than expected, thanks to a certain hot blonde. He can't resist pushing her buttons, even though she's made it clear that the rugged, outdoorsy type just isn't for her.

Hailey is glad to see the back of her tempting-tour-guide-slash-pain-in-the-ass. When he shows up in her life again, she's determined to avoid him, no matter how good he looks in his uniform. But that's easier said than done in Whitford, especially when he's renting the house right next door….

My Summary:

Being rescued by a hermit backwoodsman wasn’t in Hailey’s celebrate-singlehood plan, but that’s exactly what she got after getting lost on a nature trail with her friend Tori.  Never mind that he’s got the body of a god, scruffy was, and never will be, her thing. 

Then she meets the town’s new game warden days later.  Attraction is inevitable until she finds out Matt is the same man who rescued her in the woods, he also happens to be her new next door neighbor.  Living next to each other proves too much for her self control and eventually, she gives in to their sexual attraction.

Diving into their not-quite-relationship isn’t without its kinks.  But knowing very well that they are not each other’s choice of Forever clears their eventual combustion from the very beginning.  That is until they find out they’ve fallen in love.  But can love really conquer even the worst of opposites?

My Review:

Hooray for Shannon Stacey.  Here’s another Kowalski story that has captured my heart.  Though neither of the main characters is a Kowalski by blood, Hailey is almost part of the clan and both her and Matt are surrounded by them in this story…. and what a romantic one it is.

As with all Shannon’s female characters, Hailey is tough outside but a softie on the inside.  I like that she doesn’t bend over backwards just to please her man but at the same time knows when to be supportive and pull back when he needs her to.  Matt on the other hand is just like a Kowalski, strong, honest and with a good heart especially for people he loves.

So what’s not to like?  The writing is smooth, the pace is good, the setting is familiar and therefore comfortable.  It’s like going back to my hometown and enjoying a quick stay.  It isn’t as funny as the other Kowalski stories since the entire clan is not involved, but nonetheless, the story has heart.  And in the end, that’s what makes it an enjoyable read.

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