March 16, 2014

Book Review: SNOWBOUND WITH THE CEO by Shannon Stacey

Book: Snowbound with the CEO
Author: Shannon Stacey
Publisher: Carina Press
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

Synopsis Via Goodreads:

Adrian Blackstone built a million-dollar business with hard work and determination—and by remaining professional at all times. Denying his longtime attraction to his beautiful executive assistant hasn't been easy but it's necessary. She's indispensable, and he can't stand the thought of losing her if things didn't work out.

For more than a year, Rachel Carter has been quietly dreaming of all the ways she'll never seduce her sexy, buttoned-up boss. She's worked too hard to get where she is to cross that line, no matter how badly she'd like to act on her fantasies. But then a wicked snowstorm leaves them stranded in a romantic winter wonderland…

What begins as a single kiss and a few
bad Santa jokes turns into a weekend full of breathless passion and hopes for something more. But with Monday comes a return to their complicated reality—and Adrian must prove that promises made are promises kept, especially at Christmastime


Rachel has been fighting her attraction to her big boss Adrian for months.  Being an absolute professional does not allow her to show any sign of weakness towards him.  Until a planned business meeting goes awry and leave them both stranded in Boston.

With nothing else to do, Adrian goes to the hotel bar considering
having a one night stand.  Then he sees Rachel and forgets anyone else.  He has been trying to ignore his growing need for her, afraid to lose the one perfect assistant he has ever had.  But enough is enough. They both finally give in.

But does
months of attraction and a weekend full of sex possibly end in true and lasting love? 


Easy to read, easy to move on from.

Snowbound with the CEO felt from the very beginning, like a temporary stress reliever for the holidays.  Yes it is thematic, Christmas to be specific.  Everything that happened to the two protagonists fall within the season, meaning the two, Adrian and Rachel, fall madly and deeply in love within a few days. Granted they have been attracted to each other for many months and have known each other as boss and an executive secretary for the same length of time, still falling IN LOVE should be more substantial, not just a sexual pull that wouldn't go away.

I have been a
Shannon Stacey reader for quite awhile as evidenced by my glowing reviews of her Kowalski series, but I would have to Pass on this one.

I have
no connection to either characters and since the story centered on them being snowbound, obviously there are no other characters worth mentioning.

If you want to read a Stacey authored book, I suggest you
go with the fun Kowalskis and skip this one.  

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