October 01, 2013


Author:  Aimee Carson
Publisher:  Harlequin KISS
Category:  Contemporary Adult Romance

“What I can’t figure out…is why I can’t stop thinking about how it used to be between us.  Your touch was poison Mason.  But I also think I was just an inexperienced girl who didn’t know any better.  And in the interest of science, I was hoping I could test that theory out and prove myself right.”- Reese

Description via NetGalley:

"Surprised to see me?" 

Getting caught in her wedding dress by her drop-dead-gorgeous ex-husband is Reese Michael's worst nightmare. Especially when her perfect-on-paper fiancé then cancels their wedding!

Reese has spent years trying to forget how her marriage to Mason Hicks crashed and burned-yes, their chemistry was incredible, but a girl can't live on lust alone! And what's a jilted bride supposed to do when the one man she could never forget is back in her life, as irresistible as ever? Mason might be her own personal brand of Kryptonite, but surely life is meant to be lived a little dangerously...?

My Summary:

An ex-husband showing up while a woman is in her bridal dress is never a good sign…even though they’re not at an actually wedding….yet.  

Reese didn’t think fitting her beautiful gown 4 days before walking down the aisle would be eventful.  But lo and behold, her ex-marine ex-husband walks in for no reason other than to talk about their past.  What’s worse, her wonderful fiancée suggests to postpone the wedding just so Reese can figure out who she really wants!

Mason only wants closure with Reese…plus his doctor encouraged him to speak to people from his past, thinking it might help jog his memory as he suffers from short term memory loss from a bomb explosion that nearly killed him during his tour of duty.

Sexual tension and animal attraction aside, Reese decides to ignore her leftover feelings for Mason seeing that she already has the perfect fiancée, one that her filthy rich parents finally approve of.   It took years to get over mason, and him showing up is merely reminding her of all that she has lost, including self esteem from a marriage that crumbled because he closed himself off from her and everyone else.

But what if she never lost her feelings for Mason?  What if, after all these years, all he really had to do, was come back to her?  Will her head give in to her heart?

My Review:

The tension between these two characters was thick enough to slice.  So much so that I couldn’t read fast enough to see if they would or would not get back together.  Though of course, knowing that this is a lighthearted romance, I already knew coming in the ending would be happy.  But it is written well enough that I still had doubts about its finality.  So kudos to the author for the really good build up.

The 1st in the Wedding series  
I like both main characters Reese and Mason.  Reese is a sweetheart, a Southern belle type born into money whose parents had grand expectations about.  Mason was…. Mason.  A simple man who just wants his wife and serve his country as best he could.  The other characters, the three best friends of Reese, were likable characters as well (the very ones we should watch out for in this series).  And I love Dylan, the fiancée.  He has very few scenes devoted to him yet you already know the good and gentle man that he is.  I hope he serves as one of the main characters in the series’ follow up books.

Passionate and Hot.  The sex scenes are scorching.  However is it believable that within four short days a woman would jump from her wonderful fiancée back to an ex husband?  Realistically speaking, I’m not sure, but this author sure made me believe it.  Overall, this is a fun read.  Well enough that it may make you believe that a second chance at love can be a good thing.  

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