May 15, 2013

Book Review: PLUS ONE by Brighton Walsh

Book Review:  Plus One
Author:  Brighton Walsh
Publisher:  Carina Press
Category:  Adult Contemporary Romance

“I don’t understand.  What’s got you so upset?”- Livvy
“Us.  This thing between us.  What’s missing here Livvy?”- Ian
“What do you mean what’s missing? Nothing, I…”- Livvy
“you have me, all of me.  Always have, always will.  But I’m tired of not having you… I have been in love with you for twenty goddamn years.  I can’t pretend I’m not  anymore.  I want to be yours, Liv.  Not just your plus one.”- Ian

Description Via Netgalley:

Olivia hates the singles scene, so when her best guy friend, Ian, offers to be her plus one to a series of weddings she has to attend, she agrees. Although she doesn't want to complicate their lifelong friendship, she can't pass up the chance to have a steady date without the dating drama. What she doesn't expect is to now find Ian so incredibly sexy.

When Ian sees his old friend Olivia dolled up for wedding #1, the boyhood crush he once nurtured transforms into smoldering attraction. It doesn't take long for their no-strings arrangement to turn physical. But as Olivia's desire to stay "just friends" becomes clear, Ian's feelings are deepening. In the time they have together, how will Ian convince Olivia that one plus one can make for a lifelong pair?

My Summary:

Volunteering to be Livvy’s plus one to the many weddings she has promised to attend, Ian finally has an excuse to have her to himself.  He has been secretly in love with his sister’s childhood best friend since he’d been in braces but has never had the guts to admit the truth to her…or to himself.  Thinking his crush would eventually go away, he became Livvy’s dependable best male friend instead.

Author Brighton Walsh
The more time they spend together, the more he spirals back into love.  And apparently, lust, as he and Livvy engage in explosive friends-with-benefits sex…. Or at least, that’s what Livvy thought.   But Ian falls deeply in love.  Will he just be relegated in the friend zone forever?

My Review:

Short, sweet and sexy.

Those are the words that best describe this book.  Not exactly earth shatteringly unusual, the plot has been used many times over.  However, the way it was written attached me to the characters, specifically Ian.

This book is unusual in that unlike the usual male protagonist in novels who more than anything else grunt instead of talk and use sex in place of romance to show emotions, Ian is more out there, more in love, and uncharacteristically communicative and accepting of his deep feelings for the girl.    He is the one who gives in first, the one who cracks and mourns ala Bridget Jones.  The one readers end up rooting for.  I certainly did.

At some points I felt rushed through so I do feel that the relationship could have been further developed, but I do like the ending.
Plus One is a simple, feel good read that women would surely enjoy.

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