April 16, 2013

Book Review: THE TEMPORARY WIFE by Jeannie Moon

Book Review:  The Temporary Wife
Author:  Jeannie Moon
Publisher:  InterMix
Category:  Adult Contemporary Romance

 “Meg, I don’t want to let you down.  I’m afraid that I will, but I want to give you everything, absolutely everything.”- Jason
“Have faith Jason.”- Meg
“I have faith in you, just not in myself.”- Jason
“Then I’ll have enough for both of us.”- Meg

Description via NetGalley:

It was an offer she couldn’t refuse…from a man she couldn’t resist. 

Kindergarten teacher
Megan Rossi is devoted to being a mother to her best friend’s five-year-old daughter, Molly. When the child was orphaned, Meg became the little girl’s legally named guardian—over the objections of Molly’s wealthy grandparents, the Campbells. Now the Campbells are petitioning for custody, and Meg is faced with a long and expensive legal battle. The last thing she expects is for her former high school boyfriend—and the Campbells’ estranged son—to offer a solution: marriage.

Billionaire software developer
Jason Campbell knows his parents don’t have Molly’s best interests at heart—it’s all about control for them. There is one way he can ensure that his sister’s last wishes are honored. He will offer Meg the protection of his name and lawyers until the custody arrangement has been finalized , then he’ll secure his niece’s future with a very generous divorce settlement. Jason’s considered all the scenarios, except one—that the sparks that once flew between he and Meg might reignite a burning passion. And that his confirmed bachelor heart might just melt away from the heat…

My Summary:

Meg’s heart was broken at 16 when, believing she was pregnant, Jason left her to the wolves, also known as his rich, holier-than-thou parents.  And though Meg grew up with the Campbell kids as her father was their longtime employee, they never saw Meg as anything but a social climber.   Years later, the wounds have not quite healed, especially since the Campbells are once again after Meg, this time for Molly.

Even through years of separation and hate between their parents, the friendship between Meg and her best friend Grace, Jason’s sister, never wavered.  So much so that Grace named Meg guardian of her one and only child Molly, should anything happen to her and her husband…. and it did.  A car accident left Molly in Meg’s care, something that the elder Campbells are out to contest.

Enter Jason. Again.  To do right by his sister, make up for his mistakes with Meg and thwart his parents, he proposes to Meg a marriage of convenience.  A year of marriage that would secure Molly’s future as well as Meg’s.   Out of desperation to keep Molly, Meg agrees, despite knowing that her strong attraction to Jason still exists and is in fact, even stronger now 15 years after their failed relationship. 

Things quickly crossover from pretend love to real.  But what will they do when what they fear most confronts them? Will letting go be easiest for both?

My review:

This plot has been used and abused by so many that it’s easy to exchange one book for another.  What does make this different is it has heart. Both lead characters Meg and Jason are endearing in that they are good people with bad experiences who are otherwise perfect for each other.  And Molly is a total sweetheartThe other characters were okay though they felt unimportant because they were so under developed.  I liked Grant, the guy Meg dated before she married Jason.  But he was used for a couple of thrill points and that was it.  As for Harper, she was a b**ch for the most part then unexpectedly comes through as a heroine in the end, her total turn around just left me baffled.

That said, I did not like the pace of this story.   I felt as if the writer wanted so much to get to the next that she rushed through scenes and points.   Scenes that could have pulled in the reader more.  Add to that the many, and I mean many, flashbacks and moments of doubt by Meg and Jason that was just overdone.

As a whole though, the book is still worth the readThe chemistry between Meg and Jason alone is enough to make me pick me up the book again.  The book is sweet and romantic with an ending that may leave your eyes with a tear or two... if you don’t mind repetitions that is.

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