February 13, 2013

Book Review: THE DOWNFALL OF A GOOD GIRL by Kimberly Lang

Book Review:  The Downfall of A Good Girl
Author:  Kimberly Lang
Publisher:  Harlequin KISS
Category:  Adult Romance

“… You’re charming because it gets you what you want from people, and you’re glib because you don’t really care all that much.  You’re crazy talented- I won’t deny that.  And I know you’ve worked hard, so I give you proper credit there too.  I also know you can be very petty, extremely superficial and completely self-centered.  Oh and your ego is suffocatingly immense.”- Vivi

“While you, Miss Vivi, are sanctimonious and supercilious.  You are dismissive to anyone or anything that doesn’t meet your standards.  And I don’t know what’s more insufferable- your pride or your superiority complex.”- Connor

Description via Goodreads:

Carpe Diem. Be Bad.

Southern debutante Vivienne LaBlanc can't believe bad-boy rock star Connor Mansfield is back in town for the New Orleans annual Saints and Sinners pageant. He has a reputation as wicked as his devilish smile, and Vivi has no intention of becoming one of his latest groupies!
He once crushed her high school heart, so playing the saint to Connor's sinner should be easy. But how can Vivi get those less than angelic thoughts out of her head—especially when Connor's so good at tempting her to be bad?

Vivi LaBlanc can hold a grudge, especially when it comes to sexy Connor  Mansfield.  
They grew up together what with their families being close friends and neighbors.  But for some reason, she has never warmed up to him, except for that one VERY short time in high school.....but then she found out he was just using her to get to her girl friend.  So she did what any furious, hurt, scorned woman in her place would do.... slap Connor's pretty face on stage at the prom.
Years later, people still haven't forgotten that incident, or the fact that Vivi and Connor still hate each other's guts.
Then came the annual Sinners and Saints Ball where a committee secretly chooses a person to represent either the sinner or the saint (ergo the name).  The main point of this is a competition to raise the most money for charity.

Socialite Vivi is chosen to be the year's saint as she is the most qualified, known as an upstanding citizen who belongs to an influential family in New Orleans, she is also heavily involved in many fundraising committees pro bono.. 

To Vivi's horror, Connor is the chosen Sinner!

Which is perfect.  Free publicity is most assured as not only is Connor a famous musician, he is also controversial, very recently emerging from a scandal involving an easy woman and an unwanted pregnancy.  Connor is just happy to be back in New Orleans.  Apart from it being his childhood home, he seriously needs to get away from Hollywood.  So being asked to play the Sinner is perfect timing.  Never mind that he has to work with his nemesis Vivi on an almost daily basis.  He sincerely wants to help raise money and get his bearings back.

So forced to work together they are.  That there would be animosity is expected, but sexual chemistry? Not in their wildest imagination.  But here they are trying NOT to tear each other's clothes off..... Vivi is aghast at what she feels, but then again her sister put things in a different perspective with.....

“You don’t have to be a real saint.  There’s no Miss Perfect title to be won.  You don’t have to go full-out Sinner either, but consider being just a little bit bad.  It won’t kill you.  You might even enjoy it.”-Lorelei

Lorelei's story coming in march 2013
So she dives in headfirst with Connor, thinking in temporary but very fun terms.  Both expecting, and enjoying, nothing but games that adults play.  But that's the thing when playing with fire.... one will eventually  get burned......

I loved ConnorHe was straightforward and honest about his intentions from the very beginning.  He never tried to trick Vivi nor sweet talk her into doing anything.  He’s also appreciative of his roots, his home and his fans which quite frankly, you don’t see much from supposed superstars like him.
On the other hand Vivi is too competitive, envious and insecureShe is threatened by Connor’s fundraising capabilities (well…duh!), insecure about feeling like a has-been beauty queen who has peaked before 30 and is constantly battling with Connor about the smallest things.
Now obviously I am no Vivi fan.  She just rubs me the wrong way especially compared to Connor who seems to just do everything right. but beyond that they do have something right:  they don’t sugarcoat anything they say to each other because their relationship started from dislike. That honesty, sometimes brutally so, I appreciate.
The romance between them is nice… not fiery nor intense….just sweet and smooth.  I also like the supporting character Lorelei, Vivi’s sister.  She is funny and cool, the kind of sister you’d like by your side. (Lorelei will have her own story in the follow up book The Taming of A Wild Child).
This book is no roller coaster ride of emotions.  Just a straight read through that though I liked, would probably not pick up again. An enjoyable one time read.

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