January 31, 2013

Book Review: FALLING FOR HER FIANCE by Cindi Madsen

Book Review: Falling For her Fiancé
Author:  Cindi Madsen
Publisher:    Entangled Publishing
Category:  Adult Romance

“…I think it’s best we don’t put pressure on ourselves either way.  If it’s meant to be it will work out.  If not…you’ll always be my best friend and I need you as that…”- Dani
“you took a chance on moving out here with Steve.  Why him and not me?”- Wes
“that was a mistake obviously.”- Dani
“but you were willing to risk it.”- Wes

Description via Goodreads:

Danielle and Wes have been best friends since college, so when Wes needs a date for his sister’s wedding and Dani needs a partner for her company’s retreat, they devise the perfect plan: a fake engagement to get through both events unscathed. Adrenaline-junkie Wes can prove to both his ex and his family that he’s well and truly moved on, and serious-minded Dani can prove to her boss that she’s worthy of the promotion he seems to only want to give to a family-oriented employee.

But amid the fake swoons, fake kisses, and forced proximity, neither expects the very real feelings that develop. There’s nothing more dangerous than falling for your best friend…but what if the landing is worth the fall?

Though living in different states, distance has never been a factor in Dani and Wes’ friendship.  Through failed relationships, family dramas and love, they have been supportive of each other.  Wes knew that his ex fiancé Sophie is part of his sister’s wedding entourage, and since he can no longer stand the pitying looks from his family because of the broken engagement, he asks Dani to stand as his fake fiancé.  On the other hand Dani needs badly to get promoted for financial reasons.  And since her family oriented company has an upcoming retreat, she decides to bring Wes to pose as her fiancé as well.

Convincing Wes’ family of their engagement was never the problem because for them, a romantic relationship between the two was inevitable.  In fact, even when the two were in different relationships, their solid friendship was always a cause of jealousy and breakups.  Such was the case with Sophie. 

There was always an attraction between Dani and Wes that they didn’t touch, afraid that a fling would just ruin their friendship.  But things are different now.  Both start to fall for the other but stubbornly refuse to acknowledge their chemistry.  Wes, who was always the braver of the two, eventually tries to act on his feelings but is rebuffed by Dani.  She IS in love with her best friend but honestly believes that Wes still loves Sophie and even encourages him to go back to her.  she finally realizes the truth…but has she lost Wes forever?

Funny, Tension filled, Sexy, Sweet…. This book has all the aspects I look for in a romance.  I could not put the book down, so much so that I finished it in one sitting.  Some parts, especially the ones where both Wes and Dani deny their feelings for the other and try to analyze and compartmentalize their reactions to the other, made me want to tear my hair out.  I wanted to skip chapters just so I could read them being together already!  It was a good kind of frustration that gave me palpitations.  Yet the wait was worth it in the end.  It’s a sweet ending that made me wish for, if not a part two, at least an epilogue of some sort. 

If you like your books lighthearted and fun, Falling for Her Fiancé is right up your alley.  Read it!

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