April 16, 2012

BEAR-y Lovely Day!

There are several TEDDY BEAR MUSEUMS around the world, three of which are found in South Korea.  I was able to visit the one located at the foot of N Seoul Tower, the symbol of Seoul.
Before going down to the galleries
Riding the bus
It’s easy to get to N Seoul tower, also known as Namsam tower because it’s on…you guessed it! Namsam Mountain.  One is via the scenic cable car which was impractical to us as we would have had to take the subway and walk 10 minutes before even getting on the cable car (Too much work for three tired ladies).  Another is via taxi but would have cost too much money.  So we settled on the bus.  That was perfect because the ride was comfortable and the drop off point was close enough to the tower.
Uphill walk to the tower

After a bit of an uphill walk, there was the N Seoul tower.  The tower itself is not beautiful, but what’s inside is. 
With my friends Hazel and Chiara
The Teddy Bear Museum is separated into two galleries.  The first is known as the Seoul History Center.  As its name implies, this is mainly about the history of Seoul made creative and entertaining by using teddy bears dressed in historical costumes, posing and going through motions of life then.  It shows Seoul as then capital of the Joseon Dynasty till the modern period.

A Royal wedding ceremony
The second gallery shows life in Seoul now.  Highlighting specific places like the popular shopping districts Myeongdong and Insadong.  As well as different aspects of life in Seoul.  Also on display are some of the oldest teddy bears in the world.

The King!
My favorite spot though is the Princess Hours zone.  Princess Hours or Goong is a popular Korean Drama (and my all time favorite) where Teddy bears were highlighted as its main character Prince ShinGoon was always playing with one named Alfred.  And every episode’s ending had teddy bears posing based on scenes within.  

Me with Royalty...bear version
In the Princess Hours area are two giant bears costumed in the prince and princess’ outfits.  They were beyond adorable.  There was also a shelf behind it filled with episode-end bears plus some actual scripts and memorabilia from the show.  For those interested, copies of Alfred the bear are for sale at the museum shop.
Market scene in the Joseon Dynasty

It doesn’t take that long to finish walking both galleries but it is worth your time.  Just make sure to load your camera well as for sure picture taking will be endless.  
Rock scene in SEOUL
Presidential Security Group of the Korean President in front of the Blue House
Princess Hours teddy bear version of the 4 main characters
The Prince and the Princess in their ceremonial wedding garb
A Wedding celebration
A bear taking a monkey's picture in a zoo... Hilarious!
Peddling Korean food
GO! South Korea!
Don't miss the Teddy Bear Museum!


  1. The teady bear are really world cuttest every stufftoy ever made. And now they have the same little world of teady in front of us showing different culture of every country. Hope we can have that kind of museum in Taiwan and Phil. I guess there will be the legendary president bears too. Teady dancing tinikling and pandan sa ilaw would be great too. hahahaha!! A teady eating siaw long pao and stinky tofu with a chopsticks in there hand that does not have a finger seating near 101 building hahahaha!!

  2. I really want to go to korea to visit the teddy bear museum the first time that i saw it was in the drama princess hours they were so cute actually 1of its episode were shot in this museum thank you mrs.lyn for sharing your adventure in korea!looking forward for more of your stories.