January 06, 2012

Foodie Fun at Il Mercanti

"Food... food...glorious foooooooood"

This line from a cartoon movie was the exact thought swirling in my head when i visited Il Mercanti recently.

Il Mercanti is a food bazaar located in Metrowalk Pasig.  it is right by the parking lot at the back so thankfully parking is not a problem for patrons.  Plus since it's tented, ventilation is very good.  what i loved most about my visit though is of course, the food.

Foodies on an adventure will be happy here.  Choices are abundant.  So much so that it took me 10 minutes to start ordering.  Walking around, watching people in action, smelling the food... i had to do it all before sitting down and chomping on all my orders. 
 I was most excited about two things: the deep dish pizza and the Isaw.  I have loved Isaw since i was a kid so if only for a few minutes, i was taken back to my youth.  as for the pizza, i have been wanting to try it since i saw it on the Amazing Race (Chicago leg).  Eating is the easy part, but choosing? there were so many toppings, it would take days to try them all.

I was also surprised to see Ulang (Filipino crayfish) on the "menu".  plus my husband's favorite, roast beef (yummy) and the famous Lechon Cebu which i have been told, is always the first to run out.

For those who love to go into sugar shock have no fear, sweets are also in abundance here.  cheesecakes, cupcakes, ice cream and what have you..... so yes i had a field day!

I'm not one to diet but for those who want to eat light, there's always the classic sushi and simple sweet corn.


Open Thursdays to Saturdays 7pm to 4am.  Il Mercanti is a great place to dine with friends and family.   so the next time you can't sleep, have had a late night out or just simply hungry, pass by Il Mercanti.  I hope you enjoy it there as much as i did.

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