October 04, 2011


Author:  Prudence Bice
Publisher: Cedar Fort
Category: Historical Romance

The book starts with 12 year old Georgiana luring her friend Ridge under the massive oak tree, otherwise known in the community as the kissing tree, as a dare by her best friend Samantha. She happily obliged and kissed the one boy she has always fancied herself in love with.  Then she left. 
And 5 years later returns as a proper lady come home to help out her grandfather in his cattle ranch.  For some reason, even with men clamoring for her attention, she has never given her heart completely, not even to Dawson, her handsome and accomplished friend and suitor.   Upon seeing Ridge again though things became clearer, yet more complicated, as he can never seem to be straightforward with his intentions and instead teases her until her Irish blood boils.  She herself didn’t know what she wanted: Ridge, the man she has always loved, or Dawson, the man everyone thinks she is meant to be with.  And so she fights against her heart.  But with the help (or scheming) of her grandfather Angus and Samantha, it’s a battle she was meant to lose.

I haven’t fallen in love with a historical romance in a very long time.  So this was a welcome surprise.  From the very beginning I was caught up by the intensely sweet love-hate relationship of Georgie and Ridge.   There’s an innocence in these characters that’s refreshing to read.  also, no one is left hanging as practically all the characters have an end to their stories, including the bad guys.   Since I cannot divulge the ending, all I can say is that for eternal optimists like me who love happy endings, this book will not disappoint.

Technically, the pace of the book is perfect.  The progression of the love story is just right.  you can’t help but feel invested in their happiness.  Not just Ridge and Georgie’s, but also Samantha’s and Dawson’s….even Georgie’s mom Charlotte.  and despite all the different characters’ points of view, you still won’t get distracted from the main point which is the relationship of the two.  There are several plot points in the book that could have gotten distracting, yet was written so well it was seamless.  There are no loose ends in The Kissing Tree, just a great ending.  And that my friend, is why I love this book!

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